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AdCash Review 2017


AdCash Review 2017


AdCash Review 2017:

The company was founded back in 2007. It is an international, real-time advertising trading platform that also offers online advertising solutions. The platform is a center point for a number of advertisers and publishers around the world. What started out as a company to cater to the needs of the publishers and advertisers on a smaller scale and make online ad placements, and buying and selling of ads easy, has developed into a trading platform, which is now growing leaps and bounds. Today, its operations stretch across multiple regions around the world, spanning over 150 countries.

This is a review of one of the world’s leading platforms. The AdCash review will take a look at the different aspects of the ad network platform and compare with the leading ad network in the market. At AdCash, the intent of the company is to make sure publishers get the best deals from advertisers and that the advertiser is able to avail the highest return on their investment. There are a wide variety of options and solutions on offer with AdCash and it is no wonder that the brand has continued to grow.

Here is a look at a few features of AdCash which have helped it rise up the list of desirable market platforms:

  • Multilingual support managers ready to entertain queries from around the world
  • Operational support personnel to help the customer reach growth and success
  • Get a dedicated account manager to help you set up at the platform
  • Real time monitoring of advertisements via the statistics panel
  • Complete overview of the invoice history
  • Payment within 30 days
  • Minimum account payment is $100
  • A wide range of ad types

AdCash Rates

AdCash rates are well guarded, while it does offer a wide variety of services, there is little mention of the rates that they charge for each ad type, etc. On a more holistic view however, the rates being charged by AdCash are understandable. The price charged by the ad network for most of their services and ad types is actually in line with the quality of services that they are able to offer.

Because most of their ad types offer high quality positioning, they can be slightly more costly than the run of the mill ad networks in the market, but that pricing is justified against the return on investment that the advertisers can enjoy as a result. The only problem, if any, is that it has a rather high minimum payment threshold. The minimum threshold at this site is set at $100 whilst other networks offers lower thresholds allowing greater investment.

However, the fact that it offers you a step by step journey of your ad, lets you control the content you want to see, and gives you a dedicated account manager whenever you want, is one of the reasons why its pricing is not just justified, it is fairly reasonable.

Adcash Ad Types

There is a number of different Ad types in that are offered by different networks. Most of the ad types are designed to make sure they cater to the needs of the varied customers. Not everyone wants the same ad type. Different ad types and ad formats are needed to ensure multiple ads are placed at a number of different places.

As part of the AdCash review, we take a look at the different ad types that are on offer:

  • Display Ads (All sizes)
  • Video Ads (Post Roll, Pre-Roll, Mid Poll)
  • Mobile Ads (All including, In-App, Interstitial footer, standard sizes, mobile web)

There are no text and native ads available as part of this format and this is one area, which the platform is slightly lacking in. However, it more than makes up for it with the range of other ad types that it does offer including, mobile advertisements, etc.

AdCash vs AdSense

AdSense by the leading internet company in the world Google is bound to be at the top of the pile as far as ad network platforms online are concerned. AdSense has continued to grow over the years and with time it has established itself as one of the standard bearers of ad networking. As part of the AdCash review, this section will take a look at how it stacks up against AdSense.

In terms of AdCash vs AdSense, while the former in terms of outreach is one of the larger companies to be operating today, its staff of over 140 employees and its operational span over 196 countries is testament to the growing clout of the company. It is no match for AdSense which is spread out all over the globe and has a healthy number of staff that allows the company to stay top of its game.

In terms of pricing, when reviewing AdCash vs AdSense the latter offers low minimum account payment, AdCash has a slightly rigid rate, which needs to be followed. It does however match up to the later in terms of their speed of payment. They are able to pay within a set time of 30 days, which makes it a fruitful and secure platform for publishers.

All in all, AdCash has a degree of potential which should be made use of. While it may not be the right fit to act as an alternative to AdSense, it does have qualities to act as a platform in cooperation with it and even as an option people would turn to as an experiment to experience change of services.

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