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Freebitco.in Script


Freebitco.in Script:

Hello Friends Are Looking for a New Freebitco.in Script than this is a best place to get a new fresh freebitco.in script. You all really tired to find real script than i will give you my best and awesome script for all of you used this freebitco.in script and earn unlimited bitcoin as you want.



1. Go to freebitco.in
2. Click on Multiply BTC
3.  for CHROME : 1) go to Menu –> More Tools –> Javascript console
                 2) Copy the script below
                 3) Paste the script into the javascript console
                 4) Press Enter key on the keyboard.
    for FIREFOX : 1. Press F12 key on the keyboard
                  2. Copy and paste the script below on the console line
                  3. then press ENTER key on the keyboard.
var startValue = ‘0.00000001’, // Don’t lower the decimal point more than 4x of current balance
stopPercentage = 0.001, // In %. I wouldn’t recommend going past 0.08
maxWait = 500, // In milliseconds
stopped = false,
stopBefore = 3; // In minutes
var $loButton = $(‘#double_your_btc_bet_lo_button’),
$hiButton = $(‘#double_your_btc_bet_hi_button’);
function multiply(){
var current = $(‘#double_your_btc_stake’).val();
var multiply = (current * 2).toFixed(8);
function getRandomWait(){
var wait = Math.floor(Math.random() * maxWait ) + 100;
console.log(‘Waiting for ‘ + wait + ‘ms before next bet.’);
return wait ;
function startGame(){
console.log(‘Game started!’);
function stopGame(){
console.log(‘Game will stop soon! Let me finish.’);
stopped = true;
function reset(){
// quick and dirty hack if you have very little bitcoins like 0.0000001
function deexponentize(number){
return number * 1000000;
function iHaveEnoughMoni(){
var balance = deexponentize(parseFloat($(‘#balance’).text()));
var current = deexponentize($(‘#double_your_btc_stake’).val());
return ((balance*2)/100) * (current*2) > stopPercentage/100;
function stopBeforeRedirect(){
var minutes = parseInt($(‘title’).text());
if( minutes < stopBefore )
console.log(‘Approaching redirect! Stop the game so we don\’t get redirected while loosing.’);
return true;
return false;
// Unbind old shit
// Loser
if( $(event.currentTarget).is(‘:contains(“lose”)’) )
console.log(‘You LOST! Multiplying your bet and betting again.’);

}, getRandomWait());
// Winner
if( $(event.currentTarget).is(‘:contains(“win”)’) )
if( stopBeforeRedirect() )
if( iHaveEnoughMoni() )
console.log(‘You WON! But don\’t be greedy. Restarting!’);
if( stopped )
stopped = false;
return false;
console.log(‘You WON! Betting again’);
}, getRandomWait());

10000 Roll Freebitco.in Script

Below We Provide you a 10000 roll freebitco.in script you download this script and run this script.

After You Run this script Within A second in your freebitco.in account balance is improved.

this is one of the best freebitco.in script used this script and earn awesome money for lifetime.

See this above Image Same you will get 10000 roll for using this script

you Can Used this Freebitco.in Script unlimited time there is no need to try Script in only one time a day. you can used every single time no need to any criteria for this script.

Freebitco.in Script Download

So finally You Can download This Script through Below Link We Provide you. Very Easily you can download by yours self. Just Click On Download Now.


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