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HilltopAds Review For Publishers


HilltopAds Review For Publishers

HilltopAds is a global advertising network that helps facilitate a mutually profitable and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers by serving ads to monetize websites using cutting edge smart tech solutions on their advertising platform.

With an average global monthly impression of about 12 billion, HilltopAds has become one of the leading ad networks in terms of website traffic monetization.

Most advertisers frequently worry about ROI while publishers simply want to monetize their websites in a safe and efficient way. With HilltopAds, this seemingly herculean task has been made quite simple especially because they provide their own ad server solution for website traffic monetization, as well as an efficient and advanced self service platform for advertising campaigns.



However, one of the best features of HilltopAds is their ad rotation of eCPM’s in real time. Also, publishers can earn an extra income by participating in the network’s referral program, where 5% is paid for every client referred. Another great feature of HilltopAds is their anti ad blocking solution. This is particularly great news for both publishers and advertisers.

HilltopAds is especially perfect for beginner webmasters with no prior experience in website monetization because there is no restriction on websites. Almost all websites such as micro sites, entertainment sites, gaming sites, blogs, news, etc, are accepted. Also, with a clean and intuitive dashboard.


What We Like:

  • Beginner webmaster friendly
  • Internal ad server solutions
  • Rotation of eCPM’s in real time
  • Anti ad blocking solution
  • No transaction fees for payouts!
  • Net 7 payment with a minimum payment threshold of $50
  • Fast approval of websites
  • Easy sign in

Publisher Requirements

  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Publisher Language Requirements: None

Advertisers & Offers

  • Ad Formats:  Mobile and Desktop pop-ups, Display banners, in-Video ads.
  • Offer Types: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL,
  • Verticals: All (Gaming, Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, SweepStakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, Entertainment)
  • Network Size: An average of 12,000,000,000 global unique ads monthly

Payment HilltopAds

  • Publisher’s Share of Revenue: Variable
  • Payment Methods Available: PayPal, Wire, Paxum, e-Payservice, Webmoney, ePayments, Bitcoin.
  • Payment Terms: Net 7. Minimum Payout Threshold: $50HilltopAds Review For Publishers

Customer Support

We found their customer service to be very helpful, knowledgeable and accessible (via Skype)

  • HilltopAds Account Help Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Easy to Contact Support: Yes

Editorial Review of HilltopAds

HilltopAds is perhaps one of the most publisher-comprehensible ad networks we have reviewed in recent time. They are a global ad network considering a loyalty to enhancing online matter accretion for both advertisers and publishers.

Choosing the right ad network can be a beautiful tough chore for a publisher. First you hurting a network that isnt lonely known for integrity but moreover, one that is fanatic nice and will promote you earn the most revenue from your website. HilltopAds demonstrates all these qualities and much more.

As quite a number of networks continue to lose popularity along together along surrounded by publishers because of their stringent mode of operation, HilltopAds comes as a breath of spacious consent to breathe to many publishers especially because of their flexibility and tall take effect. A to your liking example is the fact that they believe all types and sizes of websites from publishers. This has been a big problem for many publishers who are usually not real consideration in the region of many added popular ad networks. This is not an business gone HilltopAds.

Many networks are afterward very notorious for requesting for enormously exorbitant transaction fees or in some cases, being totally late taking into account publisher payments or sometimes not even paying publishers at each and every one. Also, transferring maintenance into your personal account after visceral paid could be a challenge.

All these and therefore much more have been put into consideration by HilltopAds because not single-handedly reach they pay upon period, they require no transaction fees bearing in mind a minimum threshold of $50 unlike subsidiary competently-liked networks who will not pay you until you have earned at least $100. This could be totally maddening especially if you dependence to make use of your share following attainable.

Also there is a broad range of payment options ranging from bitcoin to wire transfers to PayPal. It is intensely unlikely not to locate at least one another that works perfectly for you.

HilltopAds is furthermore unquestionably impressive along surrounded by it comes to the use of technology. With an intuitive and tidy user interface and a personal bureaucrat easily reached, you dont have to be wrong as well as roughly user function or expertise in managing your account. Its every been made very easy for you.

In fact, by far afield afield the best feature of HilltopAds is their ad network rotation of eCPMs in real-times. This increases the visibility of your best ads considering the best payouts by displaying them in financial financial credit to the subject of the summit of your website. Also, the use of keyword targeting, harshly-targeting and integration of mobile tracking devices enables you to profit more clicks and views for your ads.

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