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How to Improve Website Speed


How to Improve Website Speed


How to Improve Website Speed: Hello Guy’s Today’s best article for all the blogger. so guys every one want’s to improve your website speed but they don’t know about how to improve website speed.

so guy’s below i’m showing you how to improve website speed

To rank Your Website In All Search Engine One Of the Main Criteria is needed. the main criteria is Your Website Speed. If your Website Speed is Slow Than You Never Rank on Any Search Engine These is the Really Important to Improve Website Speed.

following is the best method to improve your website/blog speed very easily.

these method is perfectly working for you so i start these method to “improve your website speed”

1 . Update All plug-ins

so firstly update all your plug-ins daily. don’t ignore plug-ins update. update all plug-ins and also update your wordpress. so you update all than you will see the effect your website speed improve 2%

2 . Install WP-OPTIMIZE plug-ins 

WP-OPTIMIZE is the best plug-ins this plug-ins is optimize your all content and post to improve your speed is very high. so select optimization as you want i select this in images so as it is you select and click on run all selected optimization. only used this plug-in every week. don’t used these plug-ins daily. after used these plug-ins your website/blog speed is improved 40%. this is the best trick for website speed improved

3 .Install W3 Total Cache


after installing WP-OPTIMIZE than install W3 Total cache this plug-ins is very important to install for all blogger because this plug-ins is remove all your caches file. after removing all caches file your webiste/blog speed is very improved you will see the full effect of the “website speed is improve” upto 30%

how to used w3 Total Cache 

After installing W3 Total Cache Go To General Setting:

  1. Enable Page Cache Option
  2. Enable Database Cache

   3.Enable Object Cache

   4.Enable Browser Cache

After Enable these Option than Click On Save Setting And purge Caches 

Than Go To Browser Cache Option and Select Following Options

Than Click On Save Setting And purge Caches

After you done W3 Total Cache Setting Your Website Speed Improve 40%

4.Install EWWW Image Optimizer

After Installing W3 Total Cache Than Next Step to install EWWW Image Optimizer.

these plug-ins works to optimize your website images. means your Website Image Size is Very big than these Plug-ins Reduce image on your website.

For Example Your Image Size is 140Kb than EWWW Plug-ins Reduce To 98Kb. these will really improve your website loading speed. 

There is No need to Advance Setting Just Install EWW Image Optimizer and Click On

Save Changes


5. Autoptimize

So these Is Final Step Install Autoptimize Plug-ins these Plug-ins Used for To Compress All Website Scripted Files. Like PHP,JS, ETC. these is very important to compress all your website Scripted Files To increase Website Speed

So these All step is very Important to “Improve Website Speed” After You done All These Methods your Website Speed is really High you Will See the Effect Of these Powerful Trick.

I personally Used these Trick and i’m very confident to increase your website speed is 100% increase Guys. after Your Website Speed Improve than You are Eligible to rank your website in all search engines very easily.

So Guy’s Hope you Like These Article and Used these My trick to improved website speed.


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