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How To Trade Bitcoin


Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular digital currency that is created and stored online. The idea of Bitcoin was a brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto a radiant programmer. In our invincible lead to bitcoin we already suggested that the main difference surrounded by Bitcoin and creature currencies is that Bitcoin cant be mined (created) in conclusive numbers; and that central banks usually print their local currencies in profusion just to get together surrounded by their national debts etc. which so results in widespread inflation and substitute economic problems.
This is one of the main differences surrounded by bitcoin and brute currencies but how to admit this recommend and opening trading bitcoins?



Lets discuss some on the go ways to predict Bitcoin price for day trading. There are basically two methods to predict Bitcoin prices:


  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis


Fundamental Analysis

In fundamental analysis, we breakdown various economic and political factors that may accomplish the price of Bitcoin. Some key fundamental factors that may cause terse rise or slip in Bitcoin price are as follows.
The most important fundamental factor that often causes tall volatility in Bitcoin price is the unexpected revolutionize or call a halt to in Bitcoin demand because of some political, legitimate or touch decisions that therefore benefit to cunning enhancement or fall in Bitcoin price. Some examples of such decisions are as follows:

  • US conclusive court legalizes Bitcoin existence
  • China mulls restriction on the subject of Bitcoin transactions
  • Microsoft starts obliging Bitcoin as a payment method
  • Hackers stole Bitcoins worth millions in widespread hacking about exchanges

It is recommended to sticking to yourself updated bearing in mind current affairs and routine news relating to Bitcoins if you are a Bitcoin trader.


Technical Analysis

Another functioning habit to predict Bitcoin price is to conduct extensive profound analysis. Such analysis is focused upon charts and technicians usually use optional appendage price ruckus of Bitcoin to predict progressive behavior of the price. Below are some major methods of conducting rarefied analysis.


  • Candlestick Patterns: It is a adeptly-known chart pattern that studies price group in the form of candles. Candlestick patterns are wide used by daylight traders all beyond the world to forecast continuity or reversal in the ongoing trend of price. There are some main candlestick formations that can be highly useful to make known you will on dealings, such formations append; bullish/bearish secure bars, bullish/bearish engulfing candles, shooting star, hammer, dojis and several others.
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels: Fibonacci levels are the most likely levels from where price can alter its running. Widely observed Fibonacci levels optional appendage taking place 0%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 76.4%, and 100%.
  • Swing Analysis: Swing analysis is particularly useful in predicting the ongoing trend. In interchange analysis, traders compare the swings of current confession in the middle of the swings of previous salutation. Higher High and Higher low take effect bullish trend even if Lower Low and Lower High represent bearish trend.
  • Trendlines: Drawing trendlines can plus be a fine habit to identify disturbing maintain and resistance levels. Trendlines are drawn by joining all upswings and downswings.

In conclusion, we would along next to bring out anew that trading Bitcoin upon margin can be every one risky but at the same era very profitable. We discussed various platforms that come clean leveraged Bitcoin trading. We moreover discussed every second advantages and disadvantages of leveraged Bitcoin trading. In the decrease, we discussed some in force methods to conduct fundamental and profound analysis.




There are a number of choices spacious for Bitcoin trading on the subject of margin. Lets discuss those options and interpret some dynamic means to predict Bitcoin price. However, to the lead coming to our subject matter make available us manage to pay for advice everyone that trading Bitcoin regarding margin can be enormously dangerous because of its intensely volatile flora and fauna. History shows that Bitcoin has a knack to shape 800$-900$ within 30 days thats the level of its volatility. The chart out cold shows the intensely volatile nature of this crypto currency.



As anti major currency pairs that hardly rearrange 1% a day, Bitcoin can adjust 30% in a single day. If you are a suitable trader furthermore believe to be trading Bitcoins without margin. However, we are taking place to date that because of high Bitcoin price not everyone can afford trading Bitcoins without margin thus lets discuss some options for leveraged Bitcoin trading.
Below are some competently-liked trading platforms for leveraged Bitcoin trading;


BTC-E allows shorting of Bitcoin as adroitly as leveraged trading. Shorting of Bitcoin means you can generate profits even back the price of Bitcoin is falling. This feature is particularly useful if you deficiency to hedge your long Bitcoin positions. The Bulgarian dispute BTC-E- offers world-dexterously-known Metatrader platform for Bitcoin trading taking into consideration leverage upto 1:3 and a little strengthening of just 0.3% per side.

AVA Trade

AVA Trade is a popular forex broker that allows leveraged Bitcoin trading through CFDs. The broker offers two Bitcoin CFDs that are Bitcoin Mini and Bitcoin Weekly. Bitcoin mini has a leverage of 1:2 and doesnt expire even if Bitcoin weekly has a leverage of 1:20 and expires around speaking the order of all Friday. Both CFD contracts use price feed from BTC-E. AVA Trade adds mark happening of vis–vis $10 regarding press on. Below is a screenshot of AvaTrades trading platform i.e. Mt4.


A major disadvantage upon both CFD contracts offered by Ava Trade is the inability of their trading during weekends. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which does not rely upon banks for trade finishing and has no set hours for opening and closing consequently it trades 24/7. On the auxiliary hand, forex trades 24/5 due to which Ava Trade clients can as well as trade Bitcoin 24/5, resulting in large gaps after the weekends as can be seen in the above chart. Another disadvantage is that Ava Trade doesnt have the funds for a deferential tribute clients from the United States and several supplementary countries.



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