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Top 5 Blogging Tips


Top 5 Blogging Tips

Hello Guy’s today i’m going to tell you my 5 best blogging tips for all they want to become a blogger this is the best tips for blogging so below top 5 blogging tips

Top 5 Blogging Tips:

1. Listen to what readers ask about.

It’s great to start tracking the questions. Really key in on what readers are trying to learn from you. I get great questions when I speak at events and try to record those quickly so I can write about them later. You can also hear follow up questions when people are first learning about you and your organization.

2. Search outside of the box.

I’m not a fan of jumping on the trending topics just to jump on them. It feels disingenuous and inauthentic most of the time. And if EVERYONE is writing a blog about the lessons of the latest social media brand disaster, you may not need to add to the noise.

Instead, search for recent developments about YOUR topic or industry. Consider if you can add value or share your insight from there.

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I use Google News search and try some pretty random combinations sometime, like “customer experience” + “social media” + “specific brand or event.” Some searches come up empty, but this exercise can help you find topics that inspire you in ways you might otherwise miss!

3. Follow relevant publications.

There are plenty of overused resources like Mashable that others use. I prefer to check the ones that most apply to me and my role. I peruse Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Retail Customer Experience, Multichannel Merchant, and more. These publications often are a step ahead of the bigger media outlets when it comes to issues that matter to me and our readers.

4. Encourage suggestions.

It’s amazing how many bloggers DON’T do this. We get so wrapped up in our schedules we forget to ask the questions. What would you like to learn about? What topics matter to you? What do you wish we would write about? They’ll answer and tell you where to focus your research!

5. Don’t lose track of comments.

I love receiving requests from readers! One particularly pertinent commenter requested a “part 2″ to a blog. Brilliant! Readers really do know best, so don’t be afraid to share the good stuff they ask for.


So this  is a 5 Tips for blogging..  Hope this tips is really useful for all of you thanks

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