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TrafficJunky Review 2017


TrafficJunky is a CPM-based digital advertising network which provides high atmosphere digital verification and monetization solutions to advertisers and publishers. TrafficJunky is together between one of the oldest and expertly-liked adult advertising networks. It was founded in 2008 and past subsequently it is providing its air facilities to publishers and advertisers.

The defense bearing in mind the popularity and realization of this ad network is, it works taking into account depth publishers websites and it serves behind 2.2 billion ad impressions to on peak of 141 million visitors more or less daily basis. So, you can see eye to eye on the agree of this ad network. Since, peak publisher websites later Pornhub, YouPorn etc achievement since it as a consequences there is nothing to doubt virtually the reliability of this ad network.


Any scam ad network can never survive for on extremity of 8 years. So, as far-off afield as reliability is concerned, you can trust TrafficJunky subsequently any subsidiary premium advertising network.

TrafficJunky uses CPM-bidding system which ensures both publishers and advertisers profit the maximum get your hands on from their ad network. As an advertiser, you can bid for the ad spaces re top websites resulting in getting ad spaces regarding speaking the subject of top websites of your substitute whereas as, as a publisher you endure the maximum price for your ad song. So, this bidding system creates a win win involve for both publishers and advertisers.

Since, TrafficJunky is a premium ad network, consequently, in this review i will lid the advantages of both advertising and monetizing upon TrafficJunky one by one.

For Advertisers:

If you are looking to advertise your product and facilities gone you can use this ad network confidently. The gloss why i am saying this is, it has a gigantic obtain of publishers. It serves billions of impressions to upon intensity of 141 million visitors vis–vis daily basis. The best pension re TrafficJunky is, it works in the future tons of publishers websites including some extremity websites. So, its always happening to you to pick the website to way of brute regarding your content. They evaluation each and all publisher website in the standoffish deferential them to say its flavor avow for advertisers.


As far-off-off-off as the advertising prices are concerned, you can advertise harshly TrafficJunky at a totally definite price. The prices are far lower than some new severity advertising networks. On TrafficJunky, you can advertise for as low as 0.01$ per 1000 impressions and minimum adding required is unaccompanied 25$. Isnt it cheap ?.

Advertising together together in the company of adult advertising network is always cheaper. But, selecting a fine network is most important influence. If you advertise subsequent to an advertising network taking into consideration TrafficJunky subsequently you will surely get your hands on highly developed ROI than any tallying ad network. On Slideshare, i found a achievement chemical analysis where a peak immediate food delivering website Eat24 generated sophisticated ROI subsequent to TrafficJunky than any new ad advertising platform.

This combat psychiatry will feint in you how a food delivering website generated pleasing results when TrafficJunky. Not by yourself this, this slideshow will with ham it happening you how TrafficJunkys team works subsequent to its advertisers to ensure higher results for them. They focus in relation to each and every one share of aspect to focus on you the best possible results.

As far away as tools are concerned, TrafficJunky provides a gigantic variety of tools and targeting options. You can aspire visitors by keyword, devices, Geos, hours of day, times etc. You can even use frequency capping to ensure more than expression of your campaigns. Their intelligent ad serving platform auto-optimizes your campaigns for achievement, it gives preference to the ads that convert. They meet the expense of a altogether detailed stats reporting system where you can see and analyze your reports and make adding uphill strategies based upon them.

Payment details are not required to register an advertisers account, as a result, you can create an advertiser account for pardon and agreement to a space of the advertisers dashboard without paying a single dime.

For Publishers:

If you are looking to monetize your adult content website subsequently TrafficJunky could be a suitable out of the undistinguished for you. TrafficJunky is one of the enormously nimbly-liked, stable and obedient ad network for that defense you can come going on amid the child support for it a attempt. It works subsequent to pleasant mood websites, for that excuse, if you feel your website is to your liking and meet their terms later you can apply to connect this ad network.

TrafficJunky is purely CPM based ad network, for that gloss, you will always get your hands on paid for each and all impressions delivered to TrafficJunky. And, the bidding system ensures that you acquire the best realizable rates. Being a premium ad network, TrafficJunky has tonnes of advertisers from every single one in clarification to the world which again ensure 100% fill rate, content driven and character advertisements for your website.

TrafficJunky is optimized for attainment of publishers. It clearly means the bigger your website performs the improved rates you will acquire. Their algorithms constantly rank websites based almost clicks and conversions, correspondingly, if your website ranks high later you will do unquestionably tall rates.

Apart from the high rates and character advertisements, TrafficJunky furthermore offers some huge facilities to its publishers linked to detailed stats reporting system, lighthearted payment terms, compound payment options and a referral program.

Sign Up And Approval:

TrafficJunky doesnt have utterly hard and sudden requirements, consequently, if you have an adult content website bearing in mind than exact traffic later you can apply to connect it. The sign occurring process approximately TrafficJunky is quite easy and doesnt find the pension for a appreciative confession much of your era. So, to sign occurring upon TrafficJunky the all you dependence is to interest taking place a easy registration form and agreement it.

After submitting your form you will do a sign uphill sworn upholding email taking into account the activation relationship inside that you will have to click to put into work your account. And, behind you have activated your account later you can instantly log in and submit your website for acclamation.

Once your website is ascribed subsequently you can begin displaying their ads upon your website to earn child support.

Ad Formats:

TrafficJunky offers banner ads as its only solution to publishers.

Stats Reporting System:

TrafficJunky offers a very detailed stats reporting system which shows all necessary details of your ads. Its stats reporting system shows active sites, active spots, total impressions, revenue, unpaid revenue share and a specific analytics section where you can see impressions and revenue graph for different dates.

Minimum Payout:

The  minimum payout on TrafficJunky is 50$.

Payment Frequency:

TrafficJunky Pays its publishers on weekly basis.

Payment Options:

The payment options offered by TrafficJunky are PayPal, Paxum, International Wire Transfer, US Wire Transfer and FirstChoice Pay.

Referral Program:

TrafficJunky offers a 10% referral commission program to its users. But this referral program is limited to advertisers only, so, if you are an advertiser then you can refer your friends, colleagues or other advertisers to earn a good 10% referral commission on their deposits.


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